Boosted Commerce Shapes The Future Of Global Public Goods With Publicly Traded Sustainable Foods Company In Asia 

First Amazon seller acquisition company to carve out space in healthier-lifestyle consumer products.

E-Commerce Marketplace Aggregators Are Hot On Thrasio’s Heels As Companies Raise $2.3B 

JuicyBear co-founders Lucy Sherman and Sarah Walker felt it was time to look for a buyer for their Holiday Styling brand after spending 18 months selling the company’s outdoor decor products on Amazon. 

Amazon Sellers Expected To Surpass Half of U.S. E-Commerce Market by 2021 

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every person and almost every business on the planet, but it has been especially impactful for businesses in the e-commerce space. According to data from IBM’s U.S. Retail Index, the pandemic has sped up the shift from physical, in-person shopping to digital shopping by roughly five years.

Boosted Raises $87M to Acquire Ecommerce Companies

Investors included Santa Monica-based Crosscut Ventures Management, New York-based Torch Capital, and a slew of individual investors, including Zillow Group Inc. and Hotwire Inc. founder Spencer Rascoff, former Tinder Chief Executive Elie Seidman and Tucker Kain, president of business enterprise for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Flush with $87 Million, Boosted Commerce Prepares for Massive Amazon Shopping Spree

Boosted Commerce, which hunts for top-rated companies on Amazon to buy, is about to go on a massive shopping spree of its own, purchasing 100 consumer packaged goods companies over the next four years with funds from a $87 million raise it announced Thursday.

Boosted Commerce Announces $87 Million in Funding; Acquisition of Six Amazon Fulfilment Companies

Start-up is building a comprehensive portfolio of 100 e-commerce brands.

Boosted Commerce Gets $87M to Help Brands Sell Their Products on Amazon

As a consumer, you probably already know how important it is for brands to be able to sell their products online — especially this year. But many brands still struggle to build an easy-to-use e-commerce site and offer everything that the modern online shopper has come to expect.