Boosted Commerce’s Profit Analytics for Amazon Sellers

Make data-driven decisions for your business and manage your client relationship using best-in-class technology.

Using real-time data analytics, Amazon Sellers can increase their sales & profit.

Boosted’s proprietary analytics, provides sellers a data-driven solution for:

Inventory management PPC

Inventory Management &
PPC Optimization

review request automation

Review Request Automation

Group 1420

Automated Email Follow-up

refunt for lost inventory

Refunds for Lost Inventory

alerts for listing changes

Alerts for Listing Changes

Business rule

User & Rights Management

Boosted Commerce
Boosted Commerce, Team, Amazon FBA

With a holistic view of your business’s performance, you are empowered to make smarter decisions for healthier profit.

Dive into the performance on the product-level of your business, for a granular, detailed approach to success.

Boosted Commerce, Team, Amazon FBA